Monday, October 18, 2010

Guest Speaker Prashant Shukle: Careers in the Geospatial World

Prashant is the Director General, Mapping Information Branch, Geomatics Canada, at Natural Resources Canada.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010
6:00 pm
5115 HP (Herzberg Physics building, Carleton University)

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The highly successful GeoConnections program has led to the development of a strong base upon which Canada continues to build its Spatial Data Infrastructure. The CGDI is an on-line resource that improves the sharing, access and use of geospatial information. The success around the CGDI is attributed to the planning and foresight, as the development was viewed to be more than just the infrastructure itself. An SDI requires leadership, standards, data, policies and technology to support the infrastructure. These elements, when combined with strong commitment and partnerships from government, academia, industry and non-government organizations, result in a valued national asset that is well used and supports national initiatives. This presentation will trace the development of the CGDI to its current state, outline key success factors, lessons learned, and outline potential future directions for further development of the CGDI. It will also provide an opportunity for CU Wise members to consider career options in the geospatial industry.

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