Monday, October 26, 2009

WISE Ottawa Presents: Stress and Intellectual and Emotional Knowledge


Intellectual knowledge, like all intellectual activities, is usually under control of an individual, and an intellectual problem remains limited and accessible to the critical thought and typically can be approached from many sides. If it is difficult to solve an intellectual problem it could be somewhat stressful, but in itself the stress is mild unless the difficulty is accompanied by an emotional response.

The truth is that all important stressful experiences originate in the realm of human emotions which have a nasty habit of evaluating everything that we do or experience. Negative evaluation is another name for stress. The worst of all we have no control over our emotions, we cannot change them. Although we cannot control our emotions and by such control avoid or lower our stressful experiences, we can significantly lower the stress of everyday life if we understand our emotions. To understand emotions means to realize that our attitude towards reality is determined by emotions, not by so called intellectual beliefs or borrowed knowledge from social conventions.

Dr. Dragoljub Radonjic is a retired Professor of Psychiatry from University of
Ottawa. He is specialist in neurology and psychiatry, and he holds a Ph.D. in
neurosciences. Before holding a position at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine, he held a teaching position at the University of Belgrade, and he was a research associate at Case Western Reserve University.

Date and time:
Thursday, October 29th, 5-7:30 PM.

Herzberg Building, Room 5115, Carleton University Campus.

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